About Indian Herbs

Indian Herbs and Spices: Coveted Around the World

With its wide swathes of land and its variant topography and climate, the continent of India contains more diverse types of plants than anywhere else in the world, with recent studies putting the number of species at over 10,000. Its spices in particular have traditionally been rare and highly valued, such as its strong, fragrant pepper, jujubes, and cloves. As far back as 6000 B.C. the city of Ghandara flourished as a focal point for travelers from around the world searching for exotic spices. Even merchants from the famous Roman Empire would continuously flock there, laden down with gold and silver they would gladly exchange for rare East Indie spices.


The vitamins, minerals, and sugars contained in plants contain essential nutrition for every living creature on the plant. Herbivorous animals change the plants they eat depending on their body’s needs, and even carnivorous animals will eat plants to keep themselves in shape. Humans are of course no exception; since ancient times we have used a myriad of plants to heal illness, ward off predators, and even practice medicine thanks to medicinal herbs. In fact, most of the medicine we use even today is based off medical traditions that have been passed down through the ages around the world.

Practitioners of Ayurveda believe that there is no such thing as a plant without medicinal value. During Ayurveda’s 5000-year history, they have worked tirelessly making all sorts of recipes from every type of plant they could find, tested them according to the best medical knowledge of the day, and recorded the effects of each plant; records that are still in use today. Over 1000 types of plants and their variant uses are listed in ancient Indian medial books, which modern Ayurvedic doctors refer to to this day, even as they continue to experiment and add new recipes. In fact, modern Ayurvedic recipes have been reported to combat high blood pressure, cancer, HIV, and other intractable diseases, and these findings are being scientifically tested in many countries around the world.

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