Fitness Herbs

Fitness Herbs

  • Eugenia Jambolia


    English Name: Eugenia Jambolia

    A type of tree long used in southeast Asia for antidotes and diabetes medicine. Every part of it is used, including the fruit, bark, and trunk.

  • Momordica


    English Name: Momordica

    A member of the gourd family known as gōya in Japan and bitter melon in the West. Since ancient times it has been used in folk remedies for digestion and antidotes. It has been confirmed to assist insulin production by stabilizing blood sugar, and is now commonly used as a diabetes preventative.

  • Salacia


    English Name: Salacia

    Used primarily as a diabetes treatment, it is one of the oldest known plants to be used in Ayurveda. In ancient times Ayurvedic practitioners would let water sit in salacia pitchers overnight, then have patients drink it the next day as a form of treatment. Tea made from its boiled roots is said to be highly effective against obesity.

  • Gymnema


    English Name: Gymnema

    An herb used for over 2000 years in Indian diabetes remedies. It takes its name from the feeling of granular sweetness you taste the instant you first bite into its leaves, gurmara (Sanskrit for “that which breaks down sugar’s sweetness”). It is usually ground up and taken straight or mixed in with other herbs and boiled.

  • Green Tea


    Name: Green Tea

    One of the world’s best known antioxidants, it has long been used to help stave off the effects of aging by removing oxidizing agents, thought to be one of the primary aging sources, from the body. It has also been proven to relieve exhaustion, slow the absorption of fat, and help metabolize fat that is already there.

  • Fenugreek


    English Name: Fenugreek

    The ground-up seeds of an annual plant and member of the bean family. A popular spice, its faint yet distinctive bitterness is an essential part of many dishes, most notably curry. In Ayurvedic recipes it has also traditionally been used to help treat diabetes thanks to its insulin-stimulating properties.

  • Cinnamomum


    English Name: Cinnamon

    One of the best-known spices around the world. As far back as ancient Egypt it was used to help keep mummies preserved. When swallowed it helps stimulate sweat glands and aids intestinal workings, which in turn helps dissipate fever and improve digestion.