Protective Herbs

Protective Herbs

  • Holy Basil


    English Name: Holy Basil

    An herb with a strong, distinctive fragrance similar to cloves that is used in many ethnic dishes. Hindu treats it as a holy herb, and in India it is said that people who keep it in their homes will never get sick. It is especially effective on respiratory diseases and at relieving fever during colds.

  • Curcumin


    English Name: Turmeric

    Turmeric is a plant belonging to the ginger family that originally comes from India. It was grown far and wide across Asia, and is introduced in classic Ayurvedic texts as boosting the body’s functions. Since then, it has also been proven to have potent anti-oxidizing effects, anti-inflammatory effects, and cancer-fighting effects.

  • Amla


    English Name: Amla

    A fruit that contains over 20 times more vitamin C than oranges. Every part of it, including its fruit, seeds, leaves, roots, and flowers, is used in different medicines. It has been used to treat scurvy, and is confirmed to lower cholesterol and prevent hardened arteries.

  • Ashwagandha


    English Name: Ashwagandha

    Named for a Sanskrit word that means “horse’s scent”. It has long been said to bestow horse-like stamina and vitality upon its users, which has led to it being prescribed to sick people in order to boost their immune system. One of the most important herbs in Ayurveda, it has been used since ancient times to treat all kinds of disease. Its root, sometimes known as the “Indian Ginseng”, is also used.

  • Cinnamomum


    English Name: Cinnamon

    One of the best-known spices around the world. As far back as ancient Egypt it was used to help keep mummies preserved. When swallowed it helps stimulate sweat glands and aids intestinal workings, which in turn helps dissipate fever and improve digestion.

  • Andrographis


    English Name: Andrographis

    Andrographis’s primary element, andrographolide, helps improve bile flow, which in turn helps the liver keep itself safe from harmful substances. Also known for helping to stop viruses from spreading, and for being effective against colds, the flu, and diarrhea.