Detox Herbs

  • Ginger Extract


    English Name: Ginger

    Ginger has been used for both food and medicine for centuries, both in China and the West as well as in India. It is a natural internal stimulant that aids digestion and improves circulation, helping to remove any impurities from the body.

  • Lime


    English Name: Lime

    A citrus fruit that grows year-round. Stimulates circulation and helps the body get rid of internal waste, which in turn helps relieve constipation and improves fatigue recovery.

  • Guggul


    English Name: Guggul

    Long used as medicine and food in both China and the West. Improves digestion and helps metabolize fat, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Has been confirmed to be especially effective in lowering cholesterol.

  • Amla


    English Name: Amla

    A fruit that contains over 20 times more vitamin C than oranges. Every part of it, including its fruit, seeds, leaves, roots, and flowers, is used in different medicines. It has been used to treat scurvy, and is confirmed to lower cholesterol and prevent hardened arteries.

  • Trikatu


    English Names: Black Pepper, Long Pepper (Mix)

    Known as the “tri-stimulus herbs” due to its mix of three different types of black and long pepper, this ingredient helps stimulate the digestive system. This particular blend of herbs is one of the most commonly used in Ayurvedic recipes.